A stunning Balloon Arch made with White Latex Balloons placed outdoors

How to Make A Balloon Arch

Balloon arches have become a beloved decorative feature for events, renowned for their ability to adapt to various themes and settings. Their widespread popularity is attributed to their ability to transform spaces into enchanting and photogenic environments, suitable for everything from elegant weddings to lively parties.

This versatility and visual appeal have solidified balloon arches as a favorite choice among event planners and hosts, elevating ordinary venues into memorable celebratory spaces.

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Different Types of Balloon Arches

1. Standard Arch:

  • Features: Uniformly sized balloons, often in sets of four.
  • Best Suited For: Corporate events, weddings, baby showers.
  • Cost Range: Moderate to high depending on size and customization.

2. Rainbow Arch:

  • Features: Vibrant, multi-colored design.
  • Best Suited For: Birthdays, pride events, colorful celebrations.
  • Cost Range: Varies widely based on size and balloon quality.

3. Circle Arch:

  • Features: Elegant circular design, often for backdrops.
  • Best Suited For: Photo booths, entryways, upscale events.
  • Cost Range: Generally higher due to elegant design.

4. Spiral Arch:

  • Features: Intricate spiral pattern using different colors.
  • Best Suited For: Dynamic events, parties with themes.
  • Cost Range: Moderate to high based on complexity.

5. Half Arch:

  • Features: Half-sized arch, trendy and organic in appearance.
  • Best Suited For: Modern parties, small indoor events.
  • Cost Range: Lower compared to full-sized arches.


A display of a Standard Arch with White Latex Balloons
Example of a Standard Balloon Arch, checkout other types of Balloon Arches.

Supplies Needed To Make A Balloon Arch

Item Use
Balloon Arch Stand A foundational element for constructing the arch, providing stability and shape.
Balloon Inflator Essential for quickly and efficiently inflating balloons to the desired size.
Balloon Tape Used to secure balloons in place, ensuring a cohesive and durable structure.
Balloon Clips Handy for attaching balloons to the arch stand or each other, aiding in the design and arrangement.
Balloon Arch Strip A flexible strip that holds inflated balloons, allowing for easy arrangement and design customization.
Balloon Knotter Simplifies the process of tying balloons, saving time and effort.
Balloon Hooks Useful for attaching the arch to walls, especially for indoor events.
Balloon Ribbon Adds a decorative touch to the arch and can be used to tie balloons or adorn the structure.
Glue Dots Provide a quick and easy way to attach additional decorative elements or smaller balloons to the arch.
Gift Box Can be used as a decorative element or base for the arch, especially for themed events.
Balloon Garland Kit Includes various accessories in one package, ideal for DIY balloon arch setups.

How To Assemble A Balloon Arch

  1. Inflate Your Balloons: Inflate balloons to various sizes, ensuring not to over or under-inflate them.
  2. Attach Balloons to Decorating Strip: Securely insert the tied ends of the balloons into the pre-cut holes of the decorating strip.
  3. Keep Adding Balloons: Continue until you reach the desired arch length, adjusting as needed.
  4. Set Up Command Hooks: Place the hooks where you want to display the arch, considering its height, width, and shape.
  5. Attach the Balloon Garland to the Wall: Carefully attach the balloon strip to the hooks to ensure stability.
  6. Fill in Gaps with Smaller Balloons: Use glue strips or dots to attach smaller balloons or decorations to perfect your arch.

A marvelous display of a Circle Balloon Arch in use for an Engagement Party
An example of a stunning Circle Balloon Arch, made by Nazish from Popup Next Door

Wedding Balloon Arch

A wedding balloon arch can add a romantic and elegant touch to your special day. Opt for soft colors like rose gold or classic white. Incorporate pearl or metallic finishes for a sophisticated look.

Graduation and Birthday Balloon Arches

Celebrate milestones with a customized balloon arch. For a graduation party, use school colors or go for a black and gold theme. Birthdays can be made extra special with vibrant rainbow arches or themed arches like a blue arch for nautical parties.

Christmas Balloon Arch

Create a festive atmosphere with a Christmas-themed balloon arch. Mix green and red balloons with gold chrome accents for a traditional look.

Halloween Balloon Arch

For Halloween, experiment with orange and black balloons, adding spooky elements like faux cobwebs or themed Mylar balloons.

Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Arches

For baby showers, opt for pastel colors like pink or blue, adding cute elements like baby-themed Mylar balloons. Bridal showers can be adorned with elegant rose gold or white arches, embellished with flowers and ribbons.


A display of a Half Balloon Arch being used for a Baby Shower
A beautiful display of a Half Balloon Arch for a Baby Shower, made by Nazish from Popup Next Door

FAQS on Balloon Arches

Q: How do you make a balloon arch without a stand?

A: To make a balloon arch without a stand:

  1. Begin with Weights: Use two weights, like balloons filled with sand or water, to anchor the arch.
  2. Inflate Balloons: Inflate balloons to uniform sizes and tie them in pairs, quads, or clusters.
  3. Attach to Fishing Line: Fasten the fishing line to one weight and attach the balloon clusters, gradually forming an arch.
  4. Secure and Adjust: Once all balloons are attached, secure the final weight and adjust the balloons for stability and desired appearance.
Q: How do you get a balloon arch to stand up?

A: There are several methods to ensure a balloon arch stands up properly:

  1. Use of Weights: For a balloon arch without a stand, begin with two weights (like balloons filled with sand or water). Inflate balloons to uniform sizes, tie them in groups, and attach these groups to the weights with a fishing line to form an arch.
  2. Attaching to Surfaces: Utilize fishing line or string, command hooks, duct tape, or mounting tape to attach the arch to your chosen surface. A combination of these tools can provide additional reinforcement.
  3. Chicken Wire Frame: Cut chicken wire into the desired shape, bend it to form an arch, and attach balloons to it. Secure the arch to a wall or another stable structure using nails, thumb tacks, or pushpins for outdoor settings.
Q: Where can I buy a balloon arch?

A: Balloon arches and related kits can be purchased from various retailers:

  1. Party City: Offers a range of balloon arch kits, including rose gold foil & latex balloon garland kits and white gold magical star foil balloon accent décor kits.
  2. Walmart: Provides a selection of balloon arches as part of their balloon accessories range. They offer various types of balloons suitable for arches, including helium tanks, mylar, and latex balloons.
  3. Amazon: Sells improved balloon arch kits that include adjustable stands, balloon clips, pumps, and ground nails, suitable for various events.
Q: How to tie a balloon arch?

A: Tying a balloon arch involves several steps and methods. Here are some key methods:

  1. Using Balloon Tape and Glue Dots:
    • Inflate your balloons using a pump.
    • Pull the ends of the balloons through the holes in the balloon tape.
    • Once your desired length is filled, cut off the excess balloon tape.
    • Hang the balloon arch using fishing wire loops attached to the balloon tape.
    • Fill any gaps with smaller balloons using glue dots for a full look.
  2. Creating a Balloon Arch Frame:
    • Prepare a frame using plywood, floor flanges, metal pipes, electrical conduits, and PVC pipes.
    • Sand and paint the plywood bases.
    • Secure the poles to the bases and set up the frame in the desired location.
    • Inflate balloons and tie them in pairs.
    • Connect pairs to create clusters of four balloons.
    • Slide each cluster against the frame's pole, twisting the balloons around the pole for security.
    • Repeat the process, alternating the orientation of the balloon clusters.
  3. Using String or Fishing Line:
    • Inflate the balloons and tie them individually or in pairs.
    • String the balloons onto the fishing line using a large blunt needle or by wrapping the string manually.
    • Secure the balloons to the fishing line, ensuring a tight and consistent arrangement.
    • Hang the balloon garland to create an arch using hooks or similar fixtures.
Q: How many balloons are needed for a balloon arch?

A: For a balloon arch, you'll generally need 6-10 balloons per linear foot. Additionally, 1 cluster, typically equating to 1 foot of the arch, consists of 6 balloons of 11" each and 2-4 balloons of 16" - 18" in size. The total number of balloons depends on the size and shape of the arch, as well as the balloon sizes used. Different arch shapes may require different quantities of balloons.

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