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10 Essential Supplies You Need to Make a Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands have become a staple in event decorations, offering a vibrant and eye-catching element to any celebration. From wedding balloons to retirement parties, a well-crafted balloon garland can transform an ordinary space into a festive and inviting atmosphere.

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Gathering Your Supplies

1. Balloons

  • Variety of Sizes: Large, medium, and small balloons are essential for a dynamic garland. A typical 10-foot garland may require around 60-80 balloons.
  • Types: Latex balloons are commonly used, but you can also opt for unique options like confetti or metallic balloons for added effect. Alternatively, you can also incorporate mylar balloons or foil balloons.
  • Best Balloon Brands: Qualatex, Tuftex and Kalisan are among the best balloon brands to use for a balloon garland. Their products are widely acknowledged by professionals in the industry as the best options for creating stunning and long-lasting balloon arrangements.

2. Balloon Decorating Strip

  • Functionality: A crucial tool for making a balloon garland. It's a long plastic strip with holes for inserting balloon knots, simplifying the garland creation process.

3. Electric Balloon Inflater

  • Efficiency: Significantly speeds up the process of inflating balloons, saving time and effort.

4. Balloon Hooks

  • Usage: Essential for hanging the garland, especially if you’re attaching it to a wall. They are easy to use and don’t leave marks or holes.

5. Glue Dots

  • Purpose: Used for attaching balloons to fill gaps in the garland, ensuring a polished look. Can also be substituted with a low-heat glue gun.

6. Optional Additions

  • Fresh or Faux Flowers: For a unique touch, you can add fresh or faux flowers and greenery to the garland.

7. DIY Balloon Garland Kit (Optional for Beginners)

  • Contents: Typically includes balloons, a plastic decorating strip, glue dots, and sometimes a balloon tie tool. It's a convenient option for beginners.

8. Strong Fishing Line

  • Alternative to Decorating Strip: Used for looping and tying the balloons together if a decorating strip is not available.

9. Additional Equipment

  • Tie Tool: Helps prevent sore fingers when tying balloons. Included in some balloon garland kits.

10. Screw Eyes (For Outdoor Garlands)

  • Durability: More robust than command hooks, suitable for outdoor settings where extra holding strength is needed.

A beautiful setup of a Balloon Garland for a 35th Birthday

How to Make A Balloon Garland in Easy Steps

Step 1: Inflate the Balloons

  • Method: Use a hand or electric air pump for efficiency. Inflate various sizes of balloons for a more dynamic garland. Try not to over-inflate to avoid popping.
  • Pro Tip: For a round appearance, press the balloon against a table or your chest while slowly releasing air before tying.

Step 2: Attach the Balloons to the Garland Tape

  • Technique: Start with medium-sized balloons, folding the lip and inserting it through a hole in the balloon tape. Leave about 12 inches of the tape free at both ends for easy hanging.
  • Alternating Colors: Decide on your desired pattern or color sequence, varying the sizes and colors as you attach the balloons to the line.

Step 3: Plan Your Garland's Shape and Place Your Hooks

  • Visualization: Before attaching the garland, use a pencil to mark spots on the wall where hooks will be placed. Decide on the shape and length of the garland, considering the event space.
  • Hook Placement: Secure the middle section first, then the top and bottom sections using Command hooks or string.

Step 4: Hang the Garland

  • Installation: Install the garland in sections to avoid tangling. Support the unattached sections as you go, and consider getting help to manage the weight and placement.
  • Attachment Method: Clear a hole in the balloon decorating strip to hang the garland on the hooks or nails.

Step 5: Fill in Any Holes with Smaller Balloons

  • Finishing Touches: Use smaller balloons to fill in visible gaps, making the garland look fuller and more complete. Attach these balloons using glue dots or double-sided tape.
  • Glue Dot Application: Apply one glue dot near the knot of the small balloon and attach it towards the inside of the larger balloon to hide the knot.

Step 6: Add Accessories (Optional)

  • Personalization: Enhance the garland with additional decorative elements like palm leaves, faux flowers, greenery, or ribbons for a unique touch. This step is optional but can greatly elevate the overall appearance of the garland.

Step 7: Final Assessment

  • Review and Adjust: Take a step back to assess your balloon garland. Make adjustments as needed for balance and fullness. Ensure that it's securely attached and ready for the event.
A display of an elegant Balloon Garland with White Latex Balloons for a Birthday

Tips on Making Your Balloon Garland Last

Balloon Garland Care and Maintenance

  1. Quality of Balloons: Use good quality balloons to avoid easy popping and to ensure longevity. Cheap, flimsy balloons are more likely to pop.
  2. Correct Inflation: Inflate the balloons to the correct size. Both overinflating and underinflating can cause the balloons to pop.
  3. Placement: Hang the garland in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight or humid environments, as these can cause balloons to pop or lose color.
  4. Temperature and Humidity: Be cautious about temperature and humidity when placing garlands outdoors. Latex balloons can last several days outdoors in ideal conditions but be mindful of hot and humid climates where balloons may pop more easily.
  5. Wind and Sunlight: In outdoor settings, protect the balloons from direct sunlight and wind. These elements can cause the balloons to pop prematurely.
  6. Transportation: When transporting a garland in a car, cool the vehicle down first. In summer, it's best to deflate the balloons slightly before putting them in the car to prevent popping due to heat.
  7. Advance Inflation: Air-filled balloons should be inflated no later than 5 days before the event. Keeping them tightly wrapped in a large, clean plastic bag can help maintain their condition.
  8. Use of Balloon Tape: Good quality balloon tape can help keep the balloons in place and prevent them from popping.
  9. Shelf Life Extension: Balloons can be treated ahead of time to extend their shelf life by up to 25 days, especially useful for decorations in corporate settings or venues.

By following these tips, your balloon garland can last longer and remain a vibrant and eye-catching addition to your event. Remember, the key is in the quality of materials used and the conditions in which the garland is placed and maintained.

Difference between Balloon Garland and A Balloon Arch

Balloon garlands and arches, though seemingly similar, differ significantly in design, structure, and typical usage:

Feature Balloon Garland Balloon Arch
Design Relaxed and chic, mimicking natural vines or flower garlands with a mix of balloons Structured and defined, often forming shapes like arcs or spirals
Flexibility Highly versatile in color and theme, suitable for various events Ideal for making bold statements, perfect for grand openings or weddings
Setup DIY-friendly, involves inflating balloons, using balloon tape or string, and hanging Often requires professional expertise for precise arrangement and impactful display
Impact Adds a whimsical and elegant touch to events Creates a dramatic and memorable focal point
Suitability Great for relaxed and casual settings, easily customizable Best for formal events where a striking centerpiece is needed



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